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Essential Travel Gear for a Cycling Trip

While hitting the road with nothing but you and your trusty bike sounds like a dream, in fact, there is a ton of gear you might want to take with you on your cycling trip to make the most of it. Throughout this article, we will be discussing some of the best gear to take with you and exactly why having it will make your travels far better.

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How to use hand signals when biking.

Just like you use your blinkers and brake lights in a car, it is important to always use basic hand signals on your bike to keep you and other riders safe and help avoid an accident. All you need are 3 basic hand signals to bike more safely.

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Nice Ride

How to use the Nice Ride bike share in Minneapolis

Nice Ride is a bike share system in Minneapolis, MN that’s a great resource for quick trips around the city. Skip the car traffic and hop on one of the thousands of bicycles at more than 400 stations instead. Nice Ride is one of the most comprehensive bike share systems in the nation! Read on to learn how to enjoy a Nice Ride during your next trip to Minneapolis.

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